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Your wrong

In the last two years I've turned 3 anit-gun people into gun owners (2 of them got their CCW) licenses. It takes time and you can't just scream at them like Alex Jones, opinions are not formed or changed overnight.

One of them was my neighbor who was a hardcore democrat. I didn't spit on him and scream about the "NWO, Bilderberg Group, THE ELITES" in true AJ fashion when he put an Obama sign in his yard in 2008. I invited him over for a BBQ, had him over for my children's birthday party, even had him and his girlfriend over for Thanksgiving. All the time taking the small chances to introduce the concepts of Liberty on the common grounds we did share like endless war and civil rights and then expand them on topics like the Federal Reserve and over sized government. I didn't scream at him or call him a "communist NWO lover" nor did I belittle his intelligence (he is a lawyer). He knew I was a gun owner from the day he moved in next door and after a year or so I invited him to a wild game dinner at my gun club and even got him too squeeze of a couple of shots at the range that day. In the following months I often invited him to the range when I would go on the weekends (which he politely refused). But last year he noticed me packing my car up for a hunting trip and low and behold he asked my on a shotgun for clay pigeon shooting as did it with his dad as a kid and wanted to get back into it. He got back into skeet shooting and a couple of months after that he purchases a M&P 40c and got his Ohio CPL.

I had to show him the gun owners are not all foaming the mouth AJ types that climb down the oppositions throats with pitchforks. Most of us are just honest, hard working, everyday people. It takes time to convert and disciple non-believers. YouTube clips, screaming at them, and insulting their intelligence will never work.