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A Scottish Libertarian's view ...

I'm from Scotland but got very interested in the US when I met my wife, who's from Texas, back in 2001 and got very interested in US politics when I saw Ron Paul on the Daily Show in 2008.

I view the US of A as my single greatest hope for a country that conducts things as they should be conducted, which is ironic because of how far away from that it is governmentally right now. This is largely because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which I believe to be the most perfect political documents ever enshrined in law. More than that, the reason the US gives me hope is that there are so many of its actual people who recognise why their Constitution is so important. Living in a deeply socialist country who gleefully embrace the tenets of socialism, it's comforting to know that there are still those out there - other than myself - who don't.

Regarding the gun debate, it's remarkable how many people over here have an opinion, despite having never been to America, been anywhere near a gun or having looked into the actual debate itself in any way. You hear a lot of people talking about it, though they're all parrotting the same self-righteous crap. British people feel very smug about not having guns, despite the fact that we have the highest violent crime rate in the world. It's been refreshing to see that so many people in the States (or at least so it seems) haven't bought into the media spin and are actually trying to answer the question of why these things happen, rather than leaping onto one of the two gun control bandwagons and cracking the whip with wild abandon.

Personally I'm pro-gun, and it's refreshing to see so many people focusing on the fact that gun ownership is not about shooting targets and deer - it's about protecting your rights from government usurpation. It was painful watching the Alex Jones/Piers Morgan farce though. That kind of blood and vitriol extremism does more harm to the causes that Jones is trying to champion than a douchebag like Piers Morgan ever could on his own. It's a real shame that people saw that - he became the new poster child for the pro-gun movement in one over-the-top, frothing at the mouth coup d'etat.

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