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Comment: Maybe I am just tired after a few long days

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Maybe I am just tired after a few long days

BUT - can we all STOP. THEY ARE ALL EFFED UP. Why do we sit here and debate the merits of appointments when we know they are all the same. I dont care WHY BO appointed him - probably to piss off the Neocons(allegedly) and have a little side show on the nomination to distract the masses while they write up sweeping tyrannical legislation - but does it really matter. WHOEVER IT IS - THEY ARE IN BED WITH THOSE DOING THE APPOINTING AND THE GOVERNING WHICH MEANS THEY ARE IN BED WITH THE TYRANTS. WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!They didn't get to where they are at being moral men - they got there by doing the deads of evil men.
Frankly the news that we are pulling out of Afghanastan would have thrilled me a few years ago - now it makes me nervous that the military presence HERE is going to increase.

People- the lie is up - the latest circus with the taxes makes it clear - Boner IS Obama IS Pelosi IS name them. There are only a handful left who are not in on it(and Boner effectively neutered them). When THEY do the appointing - I will then consider the merits of a debate on such a person.

Until then - do not get a fools hope - whoever it is - they are against us just like the rest.