Comment: I think we all need to come to a realization

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I think we all need to come to a realization

Clearly the majority of people in Orlando WANT these codes. They WANT to be told how to live. This couple, while I like the fight, should have voted with their dollars and NOT bought a house in such a place.

Sadly, our own little town here in CT is going through the same problem. We were once a blue collar farming community. Now we actually have a blight ordincance trying to get passed which - while not as bad as the Orlando ordinance - still sets the stage for having to conform to what "they" want. It is sad. Thankfully we have a great First Selectwoman who put the breaks on it until further review. But the problem is the nosey busy body conformist progessives never stop. They have no real lives so they must toil away at bothering mine.

The reality is we do not own our land - it is a lie. They tell you what you can and can't do with it and then lease it to you in the form of taxes.
My taxes account for almost 1/3 of my mortgage every month. My mortgage ends in 25 years - my taxes just go up until they stip my land from me.