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Comment: Bow Down Before The One You Serve...

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Bow Down Before The One You Serve...

...bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve.... head like a hole, black as your soul, I'd rather die than give you control....

The control the environment people show great faith in government to believe it can do the supernatural.

The control yourself people are realistic and understand that it is a fool's errand to seek power over the environment. They instead seek to become individually better able to negotiate and survive within the real environment.

Gun grabbers are control the environment and have religious faith in their god, the state, to actually change the environment to make everything safe and good.

It is no coincidence that the same warped mind that believes it can and should control the size of beverage people can purchase would also believe it can and should disarm people.

They actually believe the state can end all gun violence. If the state commits violence, it is righteous, like the Great Deluge of the Bible. It makes the world better. It is violence from god. Our god can make the world safe for democracy by going to war and killing lots of people. Our god can liberate people through sustained aerial bombing campaigns.

Facts, history, and reason all contradict the supposed supernatural powers of the state-god. Any attempt to control people, especially by the state, always meets with unintended, perverse consequences. The faith in the state runs counter to Natural Law. Natural Law favors the voluntary. The state-god demands the mandatory.

Those unbelievers who are critical of the state-as-god and instead rely on their own knowledge, skills, and reason obviously have a certain perspective.

They know that the believers are dragging us down to our collective destruction because of their inability to prepare themselves for the real environment and their constant obstructionism of those who are attempting to act rationally based on timely and factual information.

They are seen as zombies, sleepers, or just plain sheep. Our god says 'Baa'. The television says 'Baa'. We say 'Baa'. We are one with our god.

To the misguided gun-grabbing worshipers of the god-state... when the criminal gang bursts through your door, your god, the state, will have abandoned you and your environment will control you because you failed to learn how to control yourself and relied on a fiction and dream.

Just hope your neighbors were not so deluded or disappeared or disarmed for facing reality... because they are the only people who *might* save you under such conditions.

That's how it has always seemed to me, at least.