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People, people, people

if any of you are still on the fence(no pun intended) about Obama and the ruling elite wanting to bring the US down, just learn your history.

Rome fell due to a porous border river seperating the pax Romana from the barbarians. Every year some barbarians would cross the Rhine looking for a better way of life. They WANTED the pax Romana - they obsorbed the culture, the life. They joined the legions, they became productive citizens. Their children would be true Romans - part of the greatest society ever. These are legal immigrants in our times.
But the barbarian horde grew larger and larger on the other side of the river until one day in the early 5th century they crossed the frozen Rhine and started ravaging. These people did not want pax Romana - they wanted to still be barbarians. These are the illegal aliens today. They do not want the culture, they do not want to be Roman - they want to be barbarians in a place fresh for the ravaging.

The similarities between the Roman Empire in the late 4th and early 5th centuries to our current life is scary.