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My, what a quick answer to a LONG list of passages and challenges. Your capacity for "hand waving" is tremendous. You think you have it all figured out, so you readily dismiss a high number of passages that paint a different picture from the one to which you are accustomed. This is simply dishonest.

You have failed to give an answer to a large number of challenges put to you. Instead, you pretend to sum it all up by simply repeating yourself.

Not sure why you think I'm giving license for Christians to do as they please after conversion. That type of thinking is anathema to Scripture. You wasted a lot of text trying to tell me what I already know.

Here's where you show your twisted thinking. You don't think you need correction here because you refuse to acknowledge your error. You say that habitual sin is anathema to scripture. Fine. I agree with that. But you don't. And I'll begin my proof of it with a question for you:

Tell me, what is the EXACT CONSEQUENCE of a Christian continuing in habitual and unrepented sin after conversion?

Please be specific and thorough in your answer. Tell me, from the Bible, what happens to people who convert to Jesus but who do not leave their sins.

If you say that the blood of Jesus continues to cover that unrepented sin (which you have already said), then you argue by logical implication that Christians have carte blanche (which you deny saying, and the logic of which you refuse to process). And if you say that they are condemned for that unrepented sin, then you agree with me---and more importantly, with a great number of passages in the Bible. And if you say, "they were never Christians in the first place" (as you have already hinted in a place or two), then you must make sense of a lot of passages warning Christians to remain faithful, for it if is impossible for a "true" Christian to sin, ten why warn true Christians against sinning?

What you fail to realize here is that your WHOLE doctrine simply doesn't work. You try to play one verse against another, and when I point out the implications of it, you appeal to scripture as if *I* am the one violating scripture.

So tell me, what's your official answer to my question? What is the exact consequence of a Christian continuing in deliberate, habitual, and unrepented sin after conversion?