Comment: The problem with Alex Jones is:

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The problem with Alex Jones is:

He can't stay on topic, even when he is talking into a mic by himself on his own show. I can't listen to the guy. I will say that I've learned a few things from him, by reading articles and seeing him here or there on the net. So I have some level of respect for him. But I watched about 2 mins of the Piers Morgan interview and he come accross as simply insane... Especially to the lay person who watches CNN. I had to turn it off knowing it did nothing but harm to the future of the second amendment. Alex needs to slow down and act like an adult in these interviews. It's impossible to get a point across to someone by simply saying it louder and faster. Stay calm, collected, rational, and logical. Beat them with your intelect. Even your advesaries deserve that courtesy.

They ignore, they laugh, they fight, we win.