Comment: Spreading the Message is Important

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Spreading the Message is Important

And not sure why posting the comment sections of other websites is not done more actively. Posting here is like preaching to the choir.

Back when Ron Paul was running, I pleaded for others to join me in a effort to post comments on Yahoo news articles...the comman answer was "screw Yahoo, I don't even go there". Well, millions do, vrs the hundred thousand here whom the majority are already awake.

Anyways, all by myself, I created upwards of 150 yahoo identities and proceeded to thumbs up pro paul comments on yahoo articles with the same fervor that one would play an intense video game.

Sheer speed was needed in order log out and log in with different identities and thumbs up pro paul comments, thumbs down the anti paul comments. I would make the first few pages of most popular, all pro paul/anti establishment comments

It worked! I got so good at it, that I could manipulate nearly every front page article while I was doing it. Soon, people being sheeple...I didn't have to interfere at all, people followed suit and themselves all parroted the pro paul slogans and speech. The comments would be all pro paul, all by themselves after a couple of weeks of manipulation to make people think that was the common consenses.

Well, yahoo shut down the comments completely. When they came back up, anti paul, pro establishment comments would automatically go to the most popular, even though they were thumbs downed so badly that they were hidden due to low rating (but at the top of most popular?) Everyone commented on that, so they shut teh comments sections down again...when they came back up this last time, it is harder to keep comments to the top, it would appear that paid posters would be there to push the comments down as needed for their agenda....and flood the newest so that pro paul comments would be hidden.

In the case of the link to Ron Paul on yahoo was at one time filled with positive comments. After their accumulated well over 100,000 comments, because everytime that a pro paul comment was made, the same people day and night would make sure it got hidden.....until finally they just removed the links altogeter before the election. Ron Paul had like 100,000 plus comments and the others under 5,000.

Anyways, it is good to comment. And with help, the comment sections can be changed to reflect whatever message. I cannot do it alone anymore, have tried.