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Just to spell it out one more time for you

This might well be the last time that I write on here.

As I am too busy. Too successful. And besides I live in another country.

You dont understand politics. Its YOU that is supposed to get involved. Its you that is supposed to be an election supervisor. Its you that organise the grass roots and rebuilds the party.

But Americans are too ignorant to even listen to Ron Paul.

1. Paul says that the CONSTITUTION is all you need
... If you don't GET it. You have to EXERCISE your rights.
2. You need a voice. The GOP is that platform. Take over it.
3. Your enemy is doing the same. They TOOK OVER the Tea Party. Yes, I remember the 1st Tea Party meeting in Boston for Ron Paul. ... Thats why THEY took it over.
4. Democracy is only active when the CITIZEN is involved, and OBSERVANT.
5. You Americans think that you have a Democracy. You dont. Not unless you watch and count the vote. ... Just like every other country on Earth.
- ONLY the USA has "Voting Machines"
- Only the USA says now its illegal to observe the count
- Only in the USA is it illegal to have free speech at election time and go voting in a T-Shirt

Your constitution gives you these powers. Including others.

Learn it. Use it. Get educated.

Stop following idiots and agents like Alex Jones. Start acting like grown ups. ... Some "super-hero" is not going to save you.

Ron Paul never had the ability to "save you". He was giving you the tools, and a clue what to do.

No its not hording guns, food (although maybe gold lol). Its in political process and action. And its easy. You just missed the basics.

Ron Paul did nothing wrong. Any failure was the the US population, including his supporters are too naive. And you still are.

You believe any old rubbish that is thrown at you.

Start believing in the Constitution and yourself. And your rights. And BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD !