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Like it or not, Alex Jones has now become the de facto leader of the Liberty Movement. He was thrust into that position by the likes of none other than Piers Morgan. Go figure the odds of that.

The MSM, GOP, and our government are not only morally bankrupt, they are also financially bankrupt. As long as their ratings are in the toilet, the MSM will continue to have Alex Jones as a guest on these programs. No one is watching television news any longer; they need WWF-style reality programs, i.e. an Alex Jones and Piers Morgan weekly "discussion" show. How about that possibility? Alex has his bully-pulpit in the form of his radio/internet show to continually prod and berate them (and us) with the brutal truth. His bombastic behavior is turning a lot of heads, but whether this is actually good for Liberty remains to be seen. He's getting people to think for themselves, albeit with a sledgehammer, so that cannot be bad for starters. How this scenario ends is the question?