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I gotta tell ya celeste

I'm real close to giving up on this Daily Paul effort. Nobody wants to talk about solutions. The only thing I'm doing is risking my life and then I'll just fade away and nobody will give a crap what happened to me. All we need to stand up and unite and we can solve these problems.

I'm done here. If I get some response from this maybe I'll come back... but even in light of the current crazy gun talk around here people are just too scared to talk about any solutions.

Everyone is engulfed in the problems. The things I'm proposing make perfect sense and all most people around here wanna talk about is how can we go vote on rigged machines to elect the right man for some office who will tell them everything they wanna hear.

So... adios... for now. If you guys want me back let me know by joining the program. If not the Daily Paul is just a complete waste of my time. I can help a lot more people working with individuals on a case by case basis. I've been devoting more attention to the Daily Paul because I've been hoping to spread the solutions on a wider scale.

It just seems like that's not going to happen. By and large maybe I get a few positive comments but almost nobody actually gets involved. All they wanna do is talk about how bad things are and which politician to vote for who will fix it.

Good luck...