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This is an example of ignorance

You see, this is what I am trying to say.

You listen to Alex Jones, or Fox or whatever. You believe it.

Yet you know nothing about the real world. Or other countries.

In the UK and Australia we have free elections. You dont.

The USA is the least free place on Earth, with the exception of one or two tin pot dictatorships. We all know it here in the UK.

You think that we in Europe and Australia trust to believe the USA. No. .. You have very little in common with us.

We have people counting the vote. Even Uganda does. Only in the USA are you so naive that you think its up to the state to do your bidding. You always look for false hope. And you always fall for the counter intel.

The USA is going down. It will try to take the rest with it. But we will overcome. And we will resist your input into this world, in which the USA has tried to ruin.

Its the end of the USA. Not the rest of the world.

Sort out your own mess.

You had all the tools, and you blew it two times. You never learned from the 1st time Ron Paul ran. And now you are looking for someone else to save you. They wont.

Certainly not Alex Jones.

You had the power. But you never used it. Why... Ignorance.