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we will be labelled as such....

....from here on we get close again to "gaining ground"....this is what Alex's stunt was meant to do....and the incessant replay of it, or more exposure of him on other media outlets will in fact make us a lunatic fringe, despite our knowledge and love for Dr. Paul's steady and consistent warnings, and final courage to end his career on the platform of "end the Fed"/central banking and fractional reserve banking creates MONSTERS out of already sin-depraved, money-serving, God's laws-hating, undisciplined human persons with desperately wicked human hearts.

Accountability, backing our infinite credit system so that there would be LIMITS on people/political leaders, self-serving persons who believe they are gods(like the Caesars of old) was what the man taught....he was wise, and he woke a lot of people up to what we must do once we know what is going on....and once you got in the game for real, in your own backyard, you tried to make MORAL gains and credible arguments within your local party about monetary and fiscal policies out of our concern for our posterity and this nation's didn't hand out Alex Jones documentary films!!!!

It's quite obvious I am right about this....he hurt us BAD!!!