Comment: I'll give you a few in order of importance which make him bad.

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I'll give you a few in order of importance which make him bad.

1. He still calls himself a conservative. Can that be any more clear?

2. He's a proponent of pre-emptive war. He's really good at the political Us vs. You game, without going into the specifics of ideology or philosophy aside from pure fear-mongering.

3. He has bashed practically every member of the liberty movement in defense of leadership during an election, becoming transfixed on excuses to disqualify people. And then complains when libertarians don't rally.

4. He hasn't once spoken about the history of libertarianism, nor libertarian theory, he lip-serviced the Mises Institute once or twice but he knows to keep his distance or he will be "painted a radical" (influence from Michelle Bachmann).

5. He supports candidates without even going into their philosophy or the economic math behind their plans (if they even have any). I could even go so far as to say he's into politics at all and is thus unlibertarian, but I know everyone here is politically motivated, I know I am, I drastically want to reduce it. Glenn doesn't care all that much, as long as he gets the liberty money.

You want to see real a real libertarian, who doesn't back down from the hard truth? Tom Woods is a pure example. We need more Tom Woods in this world, not Glenn Beck.