Comment: Sorry. I just had to have one more laugh at you!

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Sorry. I just had to have one more laugh at you!

I just re-read your amusingly smug and arrogant comments:-

1. You say "You have already fallen" ... lol
2. You say "We are your last hope, again." ... OMG! lol
3. You say "Get back to the kiddie pool and leave us to the task."

OMG. This is the whole problem with your American psyche summed up. Lol

Its amusing to study you. I must admit. .. And luckily I dont live with you, or I would be afraid that I am surrounded by the mentally weak. lol

My answer:
1. We have already fallen? Lol. What is like the USA amazing or something. You have no freedom. No elections. Drones. Constant war. False flag drills. False flag events to kill you. You are frisked and scanned at the airport and elsewhere. You have no free-speech and demonstrators in your country are routinely tear gassed, tazered or brutalised. You have a police state. You have a militarised police. Good God. ... We have cream tea and scones, with the friendly policeman next door. We are free. You are NOT. Geddit??

2. Avoid being like the UK and Australia? Lol. ... You must be mad. .. I have BEEN the the USA. I can bet you have never been abroad. I have visited MANY countries around the world. And non are worse than the USA. You country is the fallen. And fallen to the darkness of evil. It permiates everything in your life and the actions of your stinking country around the world.

3. Ha ha. So "We are your last hope, again". LOl!! ... This must be your punchline.

SO tell me when the USA has ever been anyone's last hope? lol .. Never. Ever. All wars are started by the USA, and you never won one. Dont count WWII as you came in cowardly and late (as you actually were funding Hitler), then switched sides. It was Russia that invaded Berlin. USA just like to think they are something. YOu are not.

THe USA is the worlds biggest war-maker. And you never did anything for anyone else. You are a selfish and arrogant nation. And it is surely this that is the reason you are going to fall.

You exemplifiy this with your comment "Get back to the kiddie pool and leave us to the task." ...

For shame. Who are you anyway? Some young upstart. ... The older nations will knock you back into the dust where you came from.