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Let me respond to you

1. His experience is seeing Alex Jones fake crying. If you have not seen it watch this

... its hard to even find these vids. As Alex Jones has now posted loads to discuss "Obama's fake crying" to cover up the popularity of his. I cant even personally find a video on any interesting topic without his site coming up. Its like you are directed to it. His lies.

2. No he is not an idiot. But you are very rude. .... And what kind of person fights with insults? For shame. How dare you even come on a ROn Paul site. Ron Paul does not do this.

3. You insults seem very stupid. So you are an Alex Jones supporter eh? ... This figures. Daily Paul is being ruined by AJ's cult followers. Maybe if you are not in the cult you are 'Stupid' eh??

So much for libertarianism!!

4. You ask the author to STFU if this topic regards your 'basic human rights'. Either you are a socialist, who things that they have a entitlement. ... Or you are a shill supporting Alex Jones.

Either way. You are going against Free Speech. So you cant really value the constitution much. ... Get off this site

5. Yes. You are the infiltrator