Comment: Yup- knew that was coming from a mile away

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Yup- knew that was coming from a mile away

The new evil word in the PC era will be semi-auto.

I posted this before, but will repeat. History channel show on the civil war talked about the rifles: .52 caliber musket could be fired 12 times a minute by an average soldier. That is a rifle that doesn't even have a cartridge - that is load power, load projectile, fire, repeat. Adam Lanza would have still got 20 kids with that rifle given the 10-20 minute response time.
I say take my .223 - just give me that .52 cal monster in return. LOL- yeh - your body armor may stop the bullet - but the impact is going to kill you from mass trauma anyways - and if you invade my home - instead of a little firecracker pop - you are going to get a a concussion from the muzzle blast - even if I miss - you still wont get up- LOL

Almost all guns are now semi-auto - to ban them would effectively ban guns.