Comment: Can we use him?

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Can we use him?

I'm not afraid of Glenn Beck or his voice in the debate, and if he wants to advocate liberty, so be it.

Can we defend our own ideas if all he wants to do is corrupt them? Is that what he wants, to corrupt? If forgiveness isn't part of the equation, will we ever have a chance? What would it take for you to forgive him, to give him any value or recognize the value he could serve?

Glen Beck has proven himself to be our enemy, even going as far as to call Ron Paul supporters "terrorists", but maybe he's figured out why he was so scared, and it wasn't of us.

It may not be possible. Let me repeat that, IT MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE, but I for one like that he needs to at least pretend, and if he starts explaining liberty, the messenger won't matter; it's the message.