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There will be no going to

There will be no going to sleep if he does this and they try to enforce it. There will be war. Thousands if not millions are preparing for it. Its not going to be pretty. Get ready now. Food, water, medical supplies, guns, ammo, and a plan, and Godspeed, because if this happens, there are thousands of people preparing to resist and fire on those who come to take their guns.

I am admin in one of the Oath Keepers groups on Facebook, and we have at present 5000+ members, and those are only those that publicly declare their opposition. There are many, many more. We've added 600+ people to our group in the last 36 hrs. People are joining in droves to express their plan to resist and uphold the Constitution. Oath Keepers will not take the offense, but God help those coming after the guns if they wake that sleeping giant because they are ready to defend at all costs.

Blessings )o(