Comment: Then only buy food you know the source of. Duh.

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Then only buy food you know the source of. Duh.

There are entire aisles in the grocery stores of "organic" good.

I eat a mostly paleo diet. I don't mind eating GM grains when I eat carbs because it is cheaper and convenient. There is no nutritional differences between GM corn and wild type (though the wild type doesn't really exist anymore because of selective breeding.) I'm not overly concerned about pesticides and herbicides as it seems our metabolism handles small amounts just fine. If you are worried about them, then there are many options for you with organic, like I said before.

It's not my place or your place to demand government enforced labeling. I don't understand why so many 'libertarians' aren't understanding this. It's like a big collective blind spot.

I blame people like Mercola and Mike Adams and other natural living nuts for posing as libertarians and then advocating for government force. I would have though that the vast majority of Ron Paul's fans could see through those bullshit artists and support economic and personal freedom in spite of their alarmist cries, but I guess I thought wrong.

**Also, my sister has a garden growing in her basement. (And the backyard during spring and summer) Lots of libertarians have fish and chickens and pigs. There are farmers markets in every city.

It takes work and initiative to live in a free society.