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The meat was surprisingly quite tasty!

Like I mentioned, we bled out the meat for about 3-4 days in ice and water. We only ate the back straps and the tenderloins so far.

We soaked the meat in a sort of teriyaki spiced concoction and then seared the meat over open flames. Then we wrapped the browned meat (it's extremely lean) with bacon and wrapped that in foil with some spices, onions, and bell peppers. Then we slow cooked the sealed foil package in the oven for over an hour. It was pretty soft and tender, and the taste was very similar to beef I thought.

We also used the same method in a crock pot which produced even more tender meat.

We plan on grinding the leg and shoulder meat with at about a 60/40 or 50/50 ratio of regular beef hamburger meat and also some peppers and spices to make some ram burgers!

We'll probably also make some pan sausage and some regular grilling sausage by mixing with some spices and Owens pan sausage and ground pork respectively. I'll let you know how it comes out!

I'm sure some jerky will be made too!

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