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Pro Wall St. Bailout Beck... a libertarian? Jon Stewart jokes insue......

In order for Mormons to enter their temples they have to be interviewed by their bishop. One of the questions they are asked is: "Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?"

Painting yourself as a libertarian when you clearly are not is not honest Glenn!

Glenn still loves:
The drug war
Being anti-immigrant
Being an interventionist
Giving US tax dollars to foreign governments
The Federal Reserve

Maybe he's possible of changing. Maybe hanging out with Penn Jillette is rubbing off on him(one could only hope!). But as it stands today, Beck is not a libertarian!

Is Beck a "paid shill" of the NWO? Nah. He's just an opportunist. He's correctly forecasting that neo-conservatism is dying out while libertarianism is going mainstream and is simply jumping on that bandwagon.