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Is that a serious question

or are you playing a head game with me? I just got through listing some verses that tell us God disciplines His children for their sins and you ask me if I'm saying that real Christians cannot possibly sin!?

Maybe I wasn't clear enough, so I'll try this another way.

1) Christians are commanded not to sin.
2) Christians sin.
3) Christians are disciplined because of sin (and for sanctification).
4) Christians do not continue in sin as a way of life.
5) Christians have been forgiven for all of their sins.
6) Christians are judged for their works, like everyone else.
7) Christians have no bad works that will be judged - see #5.

As a corollary to #7, I will add that the unforgiven will have no good works to be judged because they are unable to please God. See, for example, Romans 8:8 and Matthew 7:22-23.

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