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Oh - not so quick my friend

these masters of the tyranny chess board saw that move long ago.

They want you to go homeschool this girl. Then they will mandate the RFID on home schoolers as well so they know they are not at the mall or whatever. It is the logical extention if you follow it through.
They moved the needle one step closer, as they always do.

Next, why not RFID all kids - no more amber alerts - no more "lost" children. Don't you see, we could save the world if only you submitted. Can you imagine the good we could do if we implanted the RFID chip - then - well - then you could just program the car to not go so fast(again, to save the children), you wouldn't need to carry money, no more abductions, no more milk cartons. No more TSA lines - just implant the chip and YOU can skip the line. And on and on it will go.
There is no win here. They have the game well played out.