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I can't help myself...

...I am still doing Christmas Cards, but had to check in. I took the Amish to town I hope to finish stamping and return addressing and then mailing these crazy things...all 125 of them...I know it could be done much easier, but I am still in the stone age. OK enough of the personal stuff.

Did you hear Ron Paul on Alex Jones? is the listening link from DP link

Ron Paul seems very hesitant to use the word criminal. It kinda sounds like he thinks the people who are doing all of this wrong with the money system, Bernanke, do so thinking they are doing the right and good thing...the closest he came was something to the effect that those with good intentions seem to get hooked in with those who are sociopaths who want control resulting in detriment...those are not the exact words, but they seem to me to be the most accusative that he would use.

What do you think?

How can anything good come from an Executive Order to take the guns? Is it "The Routine?" I know you don't get the memos, but what is going on in your humble opinion?

God helps those who trust Him. I don't have time to explain right but if you are interested I'll get verses