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Since when...

is Alex Jones considered a mystical prophet? Even the best political/economic/social analysts are often wrong about predicting specific consequences and timings.

Alex Jones presents news items and then gives his opinions on what they mean. He doesn't claim anything else. He doesn't claim to be a biblical prophet or god.

Alex Jones main theme is that Govts do heinous and brutal things against humanity and that they are coming for our freedoms. All of which is demonstrably true and in perfect agreement with the warnings from the Founding Fathers and others philosophers of human liberty INCLUDING RON PAUL.

These attacks on and hatred of Alex Jones are becoming neurotic and/or are signs of a dishonest political agenda. Alex Jones is just a guy who basically gives all his media products away for free while giving the option to pay for them as a means to support Alex's effort if the viewer/listener so chooses.

This is getting psychotic and ridiculous...

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