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Don't you guys know how to

Don't you guys know how to read that graph? You have to put your cursor on the actual line and it gives you the readings by month and year. Put your cursor at the very top of that line and it shows you that in Jan. 2013 it went from the 35 it showed in Dec. 2012 to pinning the graph at 100 in just nine days.

Infowars starting publishing stuff about democide at the beginning of the year starting with this video:

"Demand A Real Plan - Disarmament leads to Democide
Published on Jan 3, 2013

This hard-hitting public service announcement exposes the truth about government violence against the People: DEMOCIDE is the #1 cause of death in our world."

And then Jones on Morgan the other night and my friend spamming comments all over the web spiked the graph to a pin at 100, which is the highest it can go.

Blessings )o(