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Verses please

When you get the chance I'm up for verses (with explanations).

Ron Paul knows how to balance the words very well, and not like a juggler, not in a deceptive sense, more in the sense of common sense.

Ron Paul said, I can find the quote if needed, that the Federal Reserve is immoral, or some such wording.

That means what - exactly?

There is a big difference, in my opinion, between taking the guns away from those who have them in Germany or England or even Switzerland or Australia, compared to taking the guns away from people in America.

The Legal Criminals (those who are willfully committing premeditated crimes that they make legal, or those who "believe" that they are "saving the children" or some other such nonsense) have taken away many innocent people's POWER to defend themselves in many major cities and many Subjugated and no longer Sovereign States in America, but that is far from disarming all the targets (Tax Payers or those who produce something worth stealing) in America.

Far, far, far, and very far from disarming all the targets in America are the Legal Criminals in America (enemies of Liberty - Domestic).

A President can sign all the papers he wants, and the President can order all the fellow criminals he wants, and the President can order all the DUPES who "believe" in "saving the children" or "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" or "Spreading Democracy" or "The War on Terror" or "Quantitative Easing" or any of the other lies, order all the dupes he wants (or she) and see what happens.

They are sociopaths, these Enemies Domestic, and they are psychopaths, sure, and they love to torture, sure, and they love serial killing made legal, but they are not so stupid as to think that disarming Americans will be a piece of cake or even possible without destroying everything, and then picking up the pieces some decades later, or centuries later, who knows.

I don't.

I know what can be done, like the capacity to make almost everyone believe that there is only one legal money, which is really stupid on the part of anyone who believes such crap, and they can make everyone, almost without exception, believe that might makes right, but the POWER of human conscience, for lack of better words to measure that POWER, is too strong, and so people want to live, and they want to live well, and they know, intuitively, that the way to live well is to be nice, polite, cooperative, and DEFENSIVE.