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Yep it is you

The "Ron Paul ship" has not "sailed".

The rEVOLution is just beginning. And Ron Paul was right.

Ron Pauls idea's of liberty are exactly right. And his method is better than either your "I'm beaten" attitude. Or the fearmongering of Alex Jones. Jones who offers NO useful ideas, suggestions or methods. Only fear.

I will follow Ron Paul's lead. And that is all. I will look to the Constitution for answers, and Bastiat, and Rothbard and Mises.

I will not follow a Shock Jock, or another leader. As I know I have the answers in what Ron Paul gave to me.

People like you (and there are many) are trying, intentionally or not, to dilute Dr Paul's message. There is no more to discover about conspiracies.

The key to solve conspiracies, is to return to 'We The People', and to do that Ron Paul gave the best method, and outlined how to do so. In his many books, his talks and knows as I do the solution to this mess.

You follow Jones, as either (a) you are lost/frightened, and dont know the answers, or (b) you just like many others are trying to promote him over the teachings of Dr Paul.

They are very different people. And I see nothing in common with AJ to RP. Not one thing. Paul is a living legend and living founding father. Jones is just a man that lies 50% of the time trying to make money.

Paul never lies. And he is a man of God.