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hey!! mine was published :)

right here on the DP

check this out,the car in this pic has the drivers door pried open

this black honda with a missing.broken drivers window
sits in rosen's driveway,shown in the many videos he has been shown in
as seen in this video
google earth shows the school as brown,the videos we see it is white

also using google earth,it shows no doors on the front,parking lot side of the school,might be my screen resolution
dickerson drive connects with the fire DPT lot,Genes house is past that
on the other side of the Fire dpt,so he should have been able to hear sirens,people yelling,and the road getting busier
it should not have taken 2 hours to find the parents,and none have
come forward to say thank you to him

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.