Comment: Didn't CNN pay for the tickets?

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Didn't CNN pay for the tickets?

I doubt they were going to pay for more than him and his "agent" or whatever it is that goes with famous people, secretary? or what ever it is.

Since they asked him on I am sure they flew him out but I suppose he could have paid for security but then again he always talks about how he doesn't need security because he is at peace etc.

I am not a religious person myself but know that many who do believe have a sense of "not worrying" due to the thought of an afterlife, a better life or something to look forward to after death.

I don't see them killing Alex Jones being the thing that sets off the next American revolution though. Now if they would have popped Ron during 2008 I think at that moment we were ALL ready to CHARGE but it seems more people are focused on stocking up versus sticking their necks out there as martyrs.

Even today alex made sure to say how he isn't carrying guns and yada yada. I know he is right on alot of stuff but that is pretty full of yourself to assume yourself to be the martyr to get things moving.

He assumed himself the LEADER of the libertarian front so to speak and was mad that glenn beck was trying to take the banner.

NEITHER are leading anything and if they actually understood what LIBERTARIAN meant it isn't that we hold hands through every decision, comment or idea.

I dig Alex though, listen daily! - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana