Comment: It is clear from his body

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It is clear from his body

It is clear from his body language and tone during the speech he actually believes we need gun control. Again, this someone half heartedly reacting to a problem in a knee jerk manner. These people are textbook examples of folks who have a hammer therefore act like every problem is a nail. Laws cannot solve all the problems we face. In fact, they rarely solve any problems at all.

He also is completely oblivious to the fact that criminals don't obey laws. No amount of laws will keep guns from killers' hands, but rather it will make it so only criminals have guns, as law abiding citizens will not risk imprisonment or fines, despite the fact that their families will be defenseless against the armed killers. Or worse, like the war on drugs, it will merely create a whole new class of criminals.

Stewart is just a different shade of Piers Morgan. This will be the last video of his I ever watch.