Comment: they must be in panic with this gun ban crap,

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they must be in panic with this gun ban crap,

Im beginning to wonder if these guys have a handle on the situation?, I doubt it because they are so many Ron pauls, Alex jones, Teslas popping up everywhere, the power of creativity is superior over tyranny, you have 3d printing guns coming soon, meshnet and anonymous internet surfing, anti-gravity water filters, militias growing, resistance moments of all alphabets and types growing and challenging the power of the FEDs, growing numbers of states allowing concealed gun carry without permits and arming themselves and communities, consumers turning into inventors, the nullification of unconstitutional laws, non gmo projects, AJ just woke up so many sheeps today! and by god may every American be armed by the terrible implements of weapons our Founding Fathers codified in the constitution,in the name of liberty!

Washington finds itself more isolated, and more challenged everyday by its own people