Comment: Schills do exist.

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Schills do exist.

at least in my family they do :)

This all seems pretty believable to me. The specifics regarding the "demotivational" pictures, reading from a script, the smears and baseless attacks when their arguments were met with sound and solid resistance and of course being reported to and blocked by fb for virtually no reason. Having left many of these arguments with an uneasy feeling as if these "people" had been trained not only to create discord and to shame people away from confrontation but to make an example of said poster to anyone else considering taking up an argument in favor of Ron Paul. If I had a dollar for every time I was called a "Paultard", "Paulbot" or "a batshit crazy tin foil hat wearing isolationist" get the point. What really convinced me they were trolls was how often I would leave the conversation having never made any headway or having come to amicable decision to agree to disagree.