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You believe that BS?

That video is straight propaganda. They find some stats to support their agenda to kill, and make it look like a humanitarian effort. Think about how many other factors go into the crime rate, their just making pointing out a correlation, and where is the cause and effect part of the argument?

The way I see it is that when we, as a society, allow people to legally murder innocent babies, we have lowered our moral standards. Morality becomes arbitrary and undefined, instead of being a constant with no compromise. It skews people's understanding of cause and effect, of action and consequence.

They can act carelessly, but it's okay because they don't need to take responsibility for their actions, and so they are more careless with all their actions, and avoid the responsibility on all of those actions that they can.

How is that supposed to improve crime stats? Maybe if we had more families, more responsible adults and a higher standard of morality, then we could really see some true improvement.

BTW, how is abortion about women's 'rights'? What right are you speaking of? The right to kill? Because that is certainly not a right.