Comment: Cool. I've dabbled in some theoretical physics.

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Cool. I've dabbled in some theoretical physics.

I took Nuclear and Particle Physics in college (for fun) and it was probably the stupidest I've ever felt in my life.

But dude you are still not getting this. Please try to think about this like a physicist and not a sociologist.

If GM producers are not labeling their food, this HELPS the non GMO-producers because it lets them tap the passionate non-GMO food market. Forced labeling and more authoritarianism is counter-productive, as the same forces are going to manipulate the governing body (the FDA or whatever agency controls the labeling). This is called REGULATORY CAPTURE.

What you should be advocating for is more freedom in labeling, not more control. Non GMO producers need to have more freedom to label their food as such. That is the the libertarian, and logical, solution.