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Alex Jones was simply being

Alex Jones was simply being Alex Jones. To criticize is simply to be judgmental of the person he is. Pratt came on and was much more 'civilized'. AJ's anger is justifiable and if he wants to act that way to someone who definitely deserves it, why shouldn't he? He was simply being true to himself. If he came on acting like Pratt, well then he isn't being true. We don't want all the people that are at the head of the liberty movement to look the same and put them in a box and say that if we're going to have progress, everyone needs to act the same way. I'm sure some Americans out there that were turned off by Ron Paul were very well turned on by Alex Jones. I just really don't like the judging of different people's approach around here on the DP lately. As long as people's facts are straight, to each his own.