Comment: That article is out of date. It was written in 1990. It also

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That article is out of date. It was written in 1990. It also

has a 4th, unspecified premise:

that the people there to "confiscate" your guns, are going to give a rats ass about any Constitutionally protected rights you have or about any curtailments on their power.

They are there to take guns, and/or murder you. Plain and simple. If they don't kill you on the spot, they will arrest you and put you in a camp. (not a prison, because there will be too many of you and the prisons are already full)

They aren't there to talk or to show you a warrant. They won't have one and they won't think they need one. Likely, some assclown judge will declare a "blanket" warrant for any and all premises, or, the legislature in question will simply try to write a provision that this special law doesn't need warrants.

It doesn't matter that this behavior is illegal as hell. They will do it that way anyway.

They aren't there to talk or to listen.

They are there to ransack, steal, and either arrest or kill anyone who even flinches in resistance to their 'authoriti.'

There is only one proper response to this act of war - lethal force.

They are guilty of an on-soil, inside invasion. Treat them as you would any foreign invader committing the same acts. They are just as criminal coming from Americans as from non-Americans.

The result of compliance with their violence against you is your death and the death of your family. You each might suffer a fate worse, before you die.

Surrender is not an option.

Do not give in to Evil's demands.

Resist it at every turn.

If you don't know how, learn now.