Comment: Oh sheesh...

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Oh sheesh...

Where to start?!!

A.) First of all the phrase "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron. It's like calling someone a "king serf" back in Jolly Olde England. Expect the tired old media that nobody believes anymore to keep throwing it out there anyhow with the hope it becomes a household term.

2 - HEY ABC, HOW ABOUT ACTUALLY DISCUSSING THE LAW? Or at least giving the subject a nod. Wow. How about that original 13th amendment? Oh right, that's just a conspiracy theory. And the 14th amendment is tattooed to the walls of every American mother's womb, and every child born agrees to it on the way out because they don't rebut it within 30 days.

Rx#; Mr. Peterson doesn't come across too well on camera. Dude, if you make it over here to the DP, I highly recommend reading as many posts as you can by juiliusbragg, TheSouth, David Merrill, samadamscw, vinceableworld, and TXRedneck, to name but a few.