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Imagine this

You're at work and get a phone call from your wife. She's crying hysterically and you can barely understand her. She tells you they took your guns and roughed her up when she tried to resist. You make sure she's ok before you hang up and go home. You arrive home realizing that the government thugs not only robbed you of your property but bruised up your wife in the process. You suddenly feel a fiery rage in your gut knowing your rights have been violated and you weren't there to protect your family.

The government just declared war on your family by these unconstitutional acts. You have two options. Say to yourself, golly jee they just lost my vote that will show those barbarians. Or... You turn that fiery rage into immediate defense of the line in the sand that is your right to defend yourself with a firearm. We will call this Patriot Mode instead of revolution. It sounds much better to say "I went Patriot Mode on their asses!" Instead of "I'm starting a revolution."

You turn to your friends, family and neighbors. Gather your arms and stand watch to protect your community from anyone else having their guns stolen by government. If the government thugs want to attack your defense of the community, then before you risk your life in the name of true freedom, kindly remind them that We The People will not be ruled by tyrants. Best method of doing this is nodding to your buddy hiding in the bushes prone, seconds later a .50 cal is sent through the engine block of their vehicle and boldly instruct them to walk home.

At least that's how it's done here in Texas.

Liberty: Too big to fail