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Comment: Deaf, dumb, and blind

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Deaf, dumb, and blind

They will come through the neighborhood late at night. There will be flood lights lit up suddenly all over the street. Loud helicopters with spotlights, loud diesel engines spewing noxious fumes, people on bullhorns shouting orders, police/military directing everyone in different directions to create a state of confusion. The objective is to disorient people so that your thinking is broken down to a point where you comply with whatever they tell you without you even thinking about it. They won't want you to be in your home when they go searching it. You, along with your neighbors, will be corralled somewhere nearby until they are sure all the guns have been confiscated.

I suspect they will seize control of all media so that information will not get out because they can't do this all in one night. I think the only information that will get out is that there is some kind of "massive fight against a large, unprecedented in size, terrorist group". That will probably keep the masses from suspecting evil intent. Also, it will make a large upswell in military and police forces nearby a welcome sight for many people.