Comment: Don't You Just want to Slap

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Don't You Just want to Slap

Piers Morgan silly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Did any of you notice at the end of Part three at the 5:55 minute mark, where he is saying people can now go and check the figures ON MY COUNTRY ....etc......Well why the hell doesn't he go back to his country. He is in our country lecturing to us. We don't want what his country has and we are willing to go to any length not to get what his country has got! With their parasidic monarchy and pedophiles! We decided that a long time ago! He is a SUBJECT of the Queen for God's sake. Here we are all frermen/women and sovereign lets start to act like it!!!

Send him back maybe he can apply for Groom of the Stool!

In American English that would be the Queen's Ass Wipe!

In one of the other clips he has the nerve to call Larry Pratt a liar. The man who ran from England because of his phone hacking.

Also pay close attention to the camera work. Piers can not hide his emotions very well. The camera would cut away from him every time Larry was making points. They kept the camera in tight on Larry and he did not flinch. That is because he is a man of integrity. They sure as hell did not do any split screens either. A little different than the set up with Alex where you could view both of them more.

I feel that Larry did a great job.......Remember Piers had a team rehearsing him all day today.......Larry did not. Piers also had his earpiece with his prompters telling him what to do and say next....Larry did not. Piers makes his living on T.V and is more familiar with it all it is his territory. Larry does not and he went into the lions den and did a masterful job.

HERE IS WHAT I SUGGEST WE ALL DO! Please eveyone contact CNN and tell them that you are boycotting CNN till they take this Creep off the air.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY contact Morgan's sponsors and tell them that you will not be buying any of their products as long as they are advertising and supporting Piers Morgans Show and his support new bans on weapons.

Hit them where it hurts. The sponsors will listen. Piers went for broke and Alex and Larry bumped up his lets show him how we can rebel. Get him off American T.V. and stop telling the American people what to do!
Let's do it ...........NOW!!!