Comment: This argument sucks! Why?

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This argument sucks! Why?

This argument sucks! Why? Because the real argument, the one that can be proved without a shadow of a doubt, is that whatever happened, the Bush administration ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN!

This has been discussed in hearings already. They had the intel and did nothing with it. Moreover, there are witnesses stating that Dick Cheney instructed people to "stand down!"

This is by far the easier argument, but even the Inside Job community wants to either ignore it or talk about very technical issues that just waters down the real argument or convolutes it.

The simple explanation is; yes it was an inside job, they let it happen to make money and to keep American industries working. And with this, I have answered your question. Why aren't Congressmen and Senators up-in-arms about the absurdities surrounding 9/11? Because it was good for business, and Washington is about business.

With regards to Ron Paul, in my opinion, knowing the wisdom and experience that this man has, it's probably a waste of energy for him. Look at America's short history, how many false flags, assassinations, and other atrocities have taken place within its short lifespan and nothing has happened? The govt is very large and very powerful, it has the ability to work magic, and so far has done a brilliant job. 9/11 is just more smoke and mirrors from the great magician....