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In reality I think Michael Berry was about to come out and endorse Dr. paul then mysteriously out of the blue Local channel 2 got a hold of Berry standing in a gay bar alone and had it on video.
The video, most likely from the gay libs who owned the bar gave lib channel 2 who was ALWAYS against Dr. paul and only reported he could never win- so this video came out then one day later a mysterious stranger came forward and said Berry hit his car as he was driving by the parked car.
Berry came out in favor of anyone BUT Paul from that point forward.

The ironic thing here is Frank Billingsley, channel 2's 'head' meteorologist and VIP was actually caught on his knees in front of a Houston gay bar- performing oral sex on another man, and was never reported on and was buried- since he worked for channel 2 at the time.. I wonder what would happen to channel 2's Golden Boy who engaged in a lewd act in public, was caught and now has small children around him and his weather reports "aspiring weather men" at 6-10 years old?
What about the "can your mind come out and play" program Billingsley started for children.
Billingsley looks like another sandusky- I can see it.
Hes evil and FAKE!
I wonder if their parents know what Billingsley was caught doing OUTSIDE a gay bar in Houstons gay neighborhood known as Montrose?

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016