Comment: In the 1980's the home schoolers did not comply.

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In the 1980's the home schoolers did not comply.

Home schooling parents started going to jail, kids were taken away. There were a few rough, dangerous years for them but in the end they won.

The first people to stop complying have to be stouthearted and brave and wise and knowledgeable. When others see their heroism, they jump into the fray and help win the day. During the 80's, thousands of home schoolers successfully worked to change the laws in their states. This was before the internet, so they developed phone chains to activate in case their state government tried to sneak bad legislation in on the spur of the moment. They were able to make up phone chains because each town or area started up an organized home school support group, and simultaneously, a state hierarchy. A tiny minority changed America, state by state.

Home School Legal Defense Association was created, another layer of security for those who refused to comply.

Passion, organization, and legal smarts won the day, and will win the day again. It looks like another era of non-compliance is being forced upon us Americans. Without organization and legal acumen we will have no hope. How fast we can organize and co-operate with each other will be the key in how we fare.