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We have a communication problem

AJ and his supporters did not sink Ron Paul. The deliberate theft of primary votes and convention delegates, a corrupt GOP establishment changing rules undemocratically, a duplicitous media along with an internal campaign sabotage contributed mightily.

That said, A little “Nonviolent Communication” might be useful. (Marshall Rosenberg, official founder). There are two types of people, jackals and giraffes. Rosenberg would suggest that you stop being a jackal in your focusing on AJ and his followers; stating your own needs and visions will go much further than blaming others.

Marshall Rosenberg created Nonviolent Communication

Look to Ron Paul (the grand master Giraffe) as an example. He focuses always on the issues making a clear case about what is needed…
We need to end the Fed.
We need to revoke the Patriot Act.
We need to overturn NDAA etc. etc.

He stated at one point that he wanted and needed us to get involved
by taking party positions and working from the inside. How many of us
did that? Not enough, yet he did not get angry or resentful. Ron Paul's avoidance of personality vendettas and the ‘poor me’ victim role is part of what makes him an inspiring leader, always focused on the issues staying on the high road.

If you do come back, think about sharing your ideas just as Ron Paul has done expressing what you want to see happen, what makes you inspired and why instead of demonizing AJ or anyone else who may go about things differently than you. People will appreciate you, and you will see more of your own needs being met. I’m still learning myself how to communicate better. It’s harder than I thought to stay with expressing what I need and want vs. laying the responsibility or pathology on the other person(s).