Comment: Delicate Situation

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Delicate Situation

I see this as one of those pivotal moments in history. The drums of civil war are sounding.

Many see this as their line in the sand, and I honestly can't blame them. The erosions happen slowly and individually, but there does come a time when a big piece just breaks off. If not fought globally, the war will be lost individually.

There is the path of peaceful noncompliance. This will mean that round ups and collections will start individually, with little chance of victory for the common man. But, it will also be very costly to an already over extended government, to fight and administer yet another war.

The knife edge is whether the government will go bankrupt, exposing itself in the process, or take the guns and seize power before that can happen.

I personally think that enforcement against peaceful noncompliance will finally cause the economic collapse, though, this will be the harder path to follow, and many individuals will lose. I’m not sure if the cost is worth it, but, the alternative is equally disturbing.

History will tell us which path was taken

Just open the box and see