Comment: Perhaps we should demand that

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Perhaps we should demand that

Perhaps we should demand that the British government do more to investigate his criminal activities since the Brits are so keen on sticking their nose in our business. Fuck Britain and fuck Europe. This is America goddamn it. This is coming from someone who loves France and studied there. I don't like their government but I love their people (most of them). But if any of my French friends ever talked shit about America I was never slow to respond. We are NOT Europe. We are a country of the likes that the world has never seen nor will again. We have embraced people from every corner of the globe. We were founded by some of the most intelligent thinkers of the enlightenment. Not a single European can can hold a candle to the patriots that founded this country. I defy anyone to challenge their logic and reasoning. I say fuck you Piers and fuck the rest of the world. This is America. If you don't like it then get the fuck out.

When I say fuck the rest of the world I mean stay the fuck out of our government and private business. I want free trade and hell I want people to come here and become citizens. So long as they assimilate and become Americans not Mexican flag waving fucktards.

Now, my fuck the rest of the world has a caviate. America, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE REST OF THE WORLD!
We don't need to bomb and kill children every day because some fuck head retards in Washington think we need to make the rest of the world like us. Why do they need to be like us? Is it that hard to leave other people and cultures alone? If they want to have democracy they'll do like we did and fight for it. Which is exactly why every fucking person in this country should have the right to own the damn weapons the military has. If the military can have then so should we. The government is the people. YOU are the government not these fat fucks sitting on Capital Hill trying to control your life. I was military and I still live by my oath. I will keep my weapons and defend the constitution. Will the president? Good question. We shall see. My guess is that is he doesn't there will be at least 60% of the military who will honor their oath to the constitution before they will the promise to obey the orders of those above them.

The military should of course be trained and paid for by us the people, but that does not mean that we the people do not have the right to the same weapons. Those in the military are there and paid to protect us but we have the god given right to protect ourselves. Whether it be from a foreign invader or that very same military you paid for. There is no reason we should not have the capability to protect ourselves from the armed forces of this country. This was what the founders had in mind. But worry not my dear friends. There is a ragtag bunch of stinky muslims that neither the Soviets nor the US has been able to defeat and that is with all of our military power. My guess is that less than half the military will follow orders to kill American people and with all our guns and training and simply our resilience they will never take this country over. Fuck their drones and fuck their missiles. Yes, if it comes down to it some of us will die and some of us might be forgotten through time. But i would rather die free than allow tyranny to thrive in the country that was supposed to be founded on the freedom of the individual.

We'll just have to see what comes in the next few weeks or months. Let's pray that Obama is not as dumb as he has been for the last 4 years have made him seem.