Comment: what a GUN BAN has ALREADY DONE in our schools

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what a GUN BAN has ALREADY DONE in our schools

I'll keep repeating this until someone pulls their head out of their ass and listens to me:

There WAS a TOTAL GUN BAN at that school in Connecticut, just like there's been a total gun ban at every school in America since 1990. Congress passed the "gun-free school zones" Act (part of the Crime Control Act) in 1990.

That is one of the most important factors that is left completely out of all of these interviews, debates, and news articles about school shootings, and even here on the DP people can't think of such an obvious thing to point out.

When I mention this to the average person who's upset about the shootings but knows nothing except what the demon media repeats over and over again, the person actually stops and pays attention. It cuts through all their ignorance about "the 2nd Amendment" and "the right to bear arms" (which they couldn't care less about) and gets right at what matters: the teachers and staff are rendered completely helpless to stop any person with a couple guns from killing multiple people at their school.

That's why 27 people can be killed at that school in Connecticut, but only 2 people were killed at the shopping mall in Oregon. The difference is there was NO GUN BAN at the shopping mall, so a bystander with a concealed carry drew their gun on that killer before the murderous rampage could go any further. Once the killer was confronted with an armed person, he killed himself instead.

WE need to stop repeating things that the average person cares nothing about and start talking about the most obvious facts about the existing gun control laws, not just argue about things that have not yet happened.

It's insane to try to convince people based on what MIGHT happen in the future when you can point out what a GUN BAN has ALREADY DONE in our schools.